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Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence: Wayne State has small classes, plenty of opportunities to thrive outside the classroom, 18:1 student to faculty ratio, caring professors, and the resources you need to be successful.

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Well, there are 90 plus majors here at Wayne State College. And people don't normally think that such a small school like this has that many programs of study.


They also give us that opportunity to double major or to have a major and minor or I've even heard some instances where people triple major. I love having small class sizes because it just brings the class together. I have a class where I only have 10 students. And it's just really nice because we can talk to each other and really get to know each other. And it makes us more personable to each other.

Some of the things that help me thrive outside of the classroom as well, and especially in the Wayne community is the service on your opportunities. When I was a freshman, I was in a couple of different classes. I dabbled in early childhood. And I also dabbled in some counseling.

I got to go inside a preschool and kind of check that out with service learning. And I got to go inside the nursing home here in Wayne, so that was an awesome opportunity.

The 19 to 1 student to faculty ratio ensures that I have what I need in terms of academic excellence. My faculty and teachers and professors are all constantly there for me and they're just constantly making sure that I'm doing my best and I get everything that I need in order to be successful.