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Academic Excellence

New Facilities and Programs: We are excited about the ongoing construction of the Center for Applied Technology, a multi-million dollar project that will provide classrooms, labs, and equipment to deliver the highest quality industrial technology program in the region. Our new Fermentation Science program provides a great opportunity for students interested in the science of brewing or winemaking.

  • Fermentation Science Program 
  • Our new Plant Biology-Ecology and Management Program is a partnership program with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. You’ll get a solid foundation in the biological sciences in your first three years at WSC (90 hours), then cap your education with exposure to experts in agronomy at UNL. Learn more 
  • We will begin construction of the new Criminal Justice Crime Scene Investigation Facility this fall to accommodate the growing demand for careers in the field of criminal justice. This lab will prepare students for emergency management, hostage situations, and active shooter scenarios; crime scene investigation, reporting, and evidence processing; and use of evidence in a trial case.

We're excited here at Wayne State to be a part of this new initiative and support Nebraska economic development.

Wayne State College is in the process of taking its industrial technology program to a new level by building a state of the art center for applied technology, which will provide students with new lab space and new instructional space that will allow students who are interested in becoming industrial technology teachers, in the school districts, or pursue a four-year degree in industrial technology that leads to majors like construction management for your drafting degree, safety management, or manufacturing concentration.

The Center for Applied Technology is going to make me a better teacher by giving me the most advanced tools out there.

The fermentation program will provide technical expertise, instrumentation in microbiology, yeast, bacterial , growth and all the technical aspects involved with that. It can provide entrepreneurships, internships, and the technical experience to get off the ground in the fermentation sciences.

Current and future farmers will be providing all the crops that we need. This economically helps Nebraska, keeps jobs in Nebraska, and provides new opportunities for all the crops as well.