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Student Success: Our formula for student success begins with the variety of majors tailored to meet your passions. We demonstrate our commitment to your success in our programs through one-on-one relationships with faculty and advisors, academic coaching and tutoring, and the most affordable four-year education in the region.

Sometimes it can be really scary coming to college. It can be scary leaving your family, leaving a town of 900 people. Just feeling welcomed here has really made everything worth it for me.

Wayne State College offers more than 90 programs of study.

So that way if you do come into college not knowing what you're going to major in, there's a wide variety of other classes and courses to explore and to figure out what you want to major in for your time here at Wayne State.

Wayne State is committed to my success by my professors getting to know me on a one-to-one basis. They offer opportunities for me to succeed, offer opportunities to say hey, you should go and participate in this event because I think it will really benefit you.

Being an out-of-state student, out-of-state tuition is really, really expensive. But because I transferred in with a 3.0 GPA, they gave me full in-state tuition. So as long as I keep my GPA up, I have that for the rest of my time here at Wayne. I've been at Wayne for two years now, and I am completely debt free.

I feel successful in the fact that I've met people and the fact that I think I know where I'm going. I know where this life is leading me and where I want to be after graduation. I feel successful in the fact that Wayne State has prepared me to be whatever I want to be.