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NCAA Division II Athletics, Intramurals, and Club Sports

NCAA Division II, Intramurals, and Club Sports: Play for the Paw! We offer athletic opportunities ranging from 13 NCAA Division II programs to club sports such as rugby, curling, and wrestling, and intramurals.

Rugby Club President right here.

Are you?

Yeah, I am.

There you go.

So I'm doing OK.

All the experiences I have on the Rugby Club been very positive. There's just so many things you can do with rugby, like games, and going and traveling and seeing everywhere. Like the three national championships that I've been at, we've seen so much of the country already, and just met so many people through it.

The school does provide us with numerous amounts of things that we need for training. We have two fields to train on. One of them is meant just for us, and it's our soccer facility. We have our own trainer. And every day after practice, and especially after games, we're expected to go in to ice bath for 10 minutes, which is a little cold, but it helps a lot.

Another thing that's really cool about Wayne State College is that it prides itself on having its athletes maintain an average GPA of 3.0 or higher, and that includes Division 2, and club sports.

A lot of the intramural leagues that we have on campus include like sand volleyball and coed sand volleyball, soccer. Sometimes they're really fun to get involved in. I think I've even played basketball. And there might even be like a kick ball league. So there are so many intramurals that you can do here on campus.