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Service Learning and Study Abroad

Service-Learning and Study Abroad: What if you could make a difference in the community while learning skills you’ll use in your future career? We provide the perfect setting to continue your passion for service.

  • Learn more about Service-Learning at Wayne State 
  • Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding education opportunities you can experience while in college. Students who study abroad return with a new view of the world, a view that can help you better understand who you are and how you want to direct your future. Explore our Study Abroad Programs 

We bring the skills that we learn in class to the community by helping other people and interacting with them.


We don't have to do service learning. But most of the time, each student at Wayne State will be able to participate in a service learning activity because of the certain classes that they participate in.

The service learning projects that I've participated in here on campus have provided ideas for me to bring into my classroom.

I've participated in an event called Boomer Fest, also the wellness fair that is hosted here on campus. And I also went to Ecuador and did service learning there.

I got to be involved in the community with creating the timeline for the library of Wayne County.

As of now, there are four study abroad opportunities here on the Wayne State campus. But we are always constantly trying to add more opportunities for students like that. Well, I decided to go to Ecuador, and we visited the Amazon rainforest, and specifically the Sharamentsa Tribe that was in there.

And during our stay, it started pouring rain. And all of us decided to play soccer at that time. So we went out on the field, which was completely dirt. So with the rain, it turned into mud. And we were all just playing soccer and having a wonderful time. And it was crazy because we didn't really know these people that well and we didn't really necessarily know how to speak to them. But this one sport brought us together.