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The Center for Applied Technology (CAT) opened for classes in January 2019. The center prepares students for careers in industrial technology education, manufacturing management, construction and safety management, drafting and design, engineering, and computer sciences. The facilitiy’s labs provide real hands-on learning experience with equipment and technology that directly transfer to jobs in the industry.

The center features new tech-savvy classrooms and state-of-the-art instructional labs for:

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Here at Wayne State College, we're super excited for the new Center for Applied Technology building.

The first thing you think when you walk in here is probably, "wow!" It's a beautiful building. There's awesome lounge areas for students to sit in between classes. And then when you get into the classrooms, it's really advanced, the drafting lab.

As a drafting design major, it's really nice we have dual screen monitors. So you can have your house or commercial project on one end and all your information and ideas and everything on the other side. When you walk into the welding lab, you're going to see plenty of stations. We have MIG. We have TIG. And there's wire fed and stick welders.

Between the woods lab, the welding lab, the drafting lab, the mechanical lab, the small engines lab, the robotics lab, at-work communication, you have so many different opportunities to be hands-on, to be in front of a computer working on drafting and working on your commercial houses and projects like that. But then also you have hands-on with being out in the field.

I took advantage of career fair. And I was able to interact with a lot of different companies. I was able to get an internship with Hausmann Construction, one of the biggest commercial construction companies in Nebraska right now. In my internship, I do work from paperwork to reading the blueprints, reading the plans of a project to the building. I give site orientation to every single new person on site. This has given me really good experience, hopefully becoming an actual superintendent and maybe a project manager in the future, and being able to launch my career.