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A Low Cost, High Quality Education

Wayne State works hard to keep college affordable for you while offering a great education in modern facilities dedicated to your success.


Here are some of the more powerful ways we are here for you:


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At Wayne State College, we work hard to keep the cost of attendance affordable for students. We work hard to pair them with great scholarships, grants, and other opportunities, and even to earn money while they attend, and, in some cases, allowing students not to borrow at all.

The advantages of obtaining a four-year degree put students ahead in their career path. It's estimated that a student can potentially earn just close to $2 million more over the course of their earning lifetime with a four-year degree.

Here at Wayne State, we have a lot of resources that I'm able to use. I have a great relationship with my advisor. She's one of my professors, actually, and she helps me pick classes for the next four years to help me graduate on time, and she's even there if I have any questions or have any issues with anything.

Wayne State College is one of the most affordable four-year institutions around, but that does not mean we lack anything. Just take this facility for example, a 15.2 million dollar facility that serves our students and well into the future for their program. So we don't lack programs. We don't lack facilities. In fact, we work hard and are committed as we move into the future.