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New Programs & Partnerships

Wayne State has added many new programs and partnerships during the past few years. We are excited that this year’s new programs in agriculture are the result of a cooperative agreement with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Learn more about all of the different ways you can pursue your career in agriculture here in Northeast Nebraska:

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We're very excited about some of the new Agricultural programs that we have at Wayne State. Agribusiness is one of them in business and economics, and we also have our Agriculture Ccommunication and Leadership. We also have quite a few new developments with the University of Nebraska mainly in Agricultural Engineering, which is now a two-plus-two program where students can take two years of their program here at Wayne State and then they would transfer to the University of Nebraska: Lincoln into their engineering program.

In addition to that, we also have programs that we're excited about where students can actually stay here in Northeast Nebraska and partnering with the University of Nebraska: Lincoln where they can pursue a degree in Applied Science and then actually complete that coursework with the University of Nebraska online.

Some of the benefits of this partnership are that students don't have to actually leave home. They can stay right here in this area, complete their degree, and go right to work. There's also small class sizes. It's an intimate setting here at Wayne State. We also have a lot of mentoring. We work with the University of Nebraska and advisors there as well as our advisors here on campus.

Another one of the real benefits of this partnership is rigger. That rigger is something that is recognized by the University of Nebraska. We have outstanding science faculty who helped provide that education for our students and prepare them so that they are ready to complete their degree at UNL.

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