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Bob and Christi Speck “absolutely recommend” Wayne State! Listen to what they have to say about the supportive environment their daughter now calls home.

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I absolutely recommend that parents and students come visit Wayne State. Even if you're far away, fly into Omaha, make the short drive. Once you see it-- even with us being a Nebraska family, the second my daughter got on campus, she knew. This is the place for her.

The campus was gorgeous. Everyone was welcoming. The town almost felt like it was embracing the college, like they were here to support the college.

Support of the student here at Wayne State, from a parent's perspective, has been outstanding. Our daughter has never had a problem approaching a teacher, a counselor, and feels she already has, even after her freshman year only, a great working relationship with a few faculty members and her student advisor.

Wayne State has opened a lot of opportunities for me because being around people that I didn't know very well has made me more outgoing. And being an Elementary Education major, it has broadened what I am able to do.

As a parent, I think one of your biggest fears is the day you drop your kid off at college. When we got here, opened up the car and were starting to unload, and there were floods of soccer girls. Her current head coach, her assistant coach were coming out and just unloading the car and taking things up to her room.

There was this family that just embraced her. When we left, with that empty car and without our child, I knew she was in a great place. I knew that she was going to be taken care of. So she's definitely a part of something special.

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