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Live, Work, and Study at Wayne State (New!)

Andrew Christ shares the many benefits of living, working, and studying at Wayne State. You can find your home at Wayne State, too, especially if you’re looking for a college that is the perfect combination high quality academics, low cost, location, and opportunities.

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I know when students come to campus, they're always very nervous of how they're going to make friends, but with all the clubs you can be in, all the classes you have, and just all the work experience that you could have on campus, you meet so many people. I have made so many friends from all these different things, from Student Senate, from working at the library, from just meeting people, honestly, in the hallway. I've created great friendships that will last a lifetime here.

So I always knew I wanted to go into family and consumer science education, and only three schools in Nebraska offer that degree. When I did to tour Wayne, I did fall in love with the campus. I could tell by the size there was a lot more one-on-one, and then the cost was completely affordable, honestly. I had a meeting with my own personal advisor and they set out the whole plan, and I could just tell that everybody there was a lot more personal, for sure.

The relationships with my professors are all extremely positive, for sure. I know my advisor almost on a personal basis. We communicate and I'm never nervous to go ask the question, basically. It's just really nice knowing that they're looking out for me. Advice I would give a senior in high school who's considering what college to go to would be to look at costs, look at size, look at location, and definitely look at the major offered. Because several schools may have the same program, but those standards from each school may differ, and the outcomes may as well, and the personal experiences of those students in that particular field. For example, I'm a member of NENTA, Northeast Nebraska Teachers Academy, and with that we're to go out and sub, not just in Wayne, but in cities around Wayne. So it's really great to have the opportunity to really be the one in charge of a classroom.