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Rigorous Academics with a Personal Touch (New!)

Gaby Montanez loves the way Wayne State’s professors push you to be successful in your classes. As a pre-med major, she has found her classes to be the perfect balance of rigor and encouragement from teachers who care about your personal achievements.

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At Wayne State, they really promote making sure that you ask questions, making sure that you understand what's happening in lecture and in lab. I definitely think that the classes here at Wayne State are very rigorous and they're definitely helping me develop the critical thinking skills. We have a small class size, so it really gives you the opportunity to get to know your professors, which I think is important because when I started... When I was thinking about college, it was like, "Oh, the professors are super intimidating," and things like that. And there was, on the contrary, I went to class and professors were really chill and laid back and were just like, "We want to get to know you and we want to help you." So if you have any questions, you know like I don't know what to do with my life, or I don't know what to do with my major, they can typically lead you into any direction with that.

So if you want to do research or if you want to go to grad school, they present you with different options like that. And I think that's just going off of all of campus. They want you to succeed. So they have all these resources, all these different services that they offer. And I just think that's awesome that they're just wanting to support you in any way that you can. And I definitely have felt like I've been supported through my studies and just being involved on campus too. So try new things, try new thinking perspective. And when you do that, then you'll have a really great turnout and you'll come to love Wayne State just as much as I do.