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Why I Chose Wayne State (New!)

Jeremiah Woods says he chose Wayne State for the intimate environment and the low cost. He also discovered the many ways he can make a difference at the college.

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Well, I chose Wayne State College, because I wanted a more intimate environment. I wanted to have that relationship with my professors that I can go to them anytime I need it for assistance, and I can talk to them and ask them questions. Cost was a very important factor for me. When it came to other colleges, yeah, their environment was all right and they did have some of the things I wanted, but Wayne State really was a package deal when it came to the financial part, as well as the atmosphere that I was looking for.

At first glance, of course, you probably wouldn't really see it, but once you start getting involved, you realize how diverse this campus is. I have about two to three jobs on campus, but my main job is student activities board representative. It's my most fulfilling and favorite job. With that job, I am coordinating events with different clubs on campus that are minorities, usually. So Latinos Uniting and Black Student Association, and Pride. I help them coordinate events that better represent them in the most respectful way. At other institutions that I had toured, I just felt overwhelmed, but here I really feel like I can make a difference, both in the classroom and outside of it.