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Why I Chose Wayne State (New!)

Katie Voichahoske says she chose Wayne State College because it just felt right when she visited. As she worked in her pre-med program, she has found that the relationships she has with her professors have made a huge difference in her education and preparation for medical school after graduation.

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I chose Wayne State because of how I felt the first day that I came here. I actually was not going to come here. I had my heart set on somewhere else. I told myself, I'd come on a tour and then I'd check it out. But then I came here and I loved it. Wayne State was definitely the most affordable on my list. Their science program was the best out of the three that I was looking at, and the cost just was an extra bonus for that. My favorite thing about Wayne State College is the relationships that I could build with my professors from day one. I came in the classroom and they actually cared. They started to learn your name the first day. They would always call on you, ask you questions to make sure that everyone would understand it.

You actually go in the lab. You get to work with, say, different skeletal models or different muscle models. Say, in my anatomy lab, you could look at all the figures and the models and actually learn things from them, not just on paper. You got to look at them, you got to touch them, feel them, move them around. That was one of my favorite things. That's really important to me.

Going on to the medical field, I'm going to be in school for four more years after this. So building those relationships now, knowing that I can always ask someone will always help in the future.