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Transfer to Wayne State (New!)

Molly Tamirat found transferring to Wayne State to be an easy process. She also found her new major of construction management to be a perfect combination of engineering and business.

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Coming from Ethiopia to Nebraska was very different, especially because I did not have no family or did not know nobody here. And I was changing majors differently when I was in my community college, then I learned about construction management, which is basically engineering and business together. I found it interesting, so I came to Wayne and talked to my advisor and all that, and they sold me.

The transfer process was really easy for me because the admissions rep was working with me constantly, telling me the documents I need to complete and also different opportunities that I can get. I was also scared coming here and learning construction management because I did not have a construction background, and he assured me that by the time I get out of here, I would be able to know everything I need to know.

While outside of class, I spent some of my time at the rec center working out and doing different things, and also socializing with students. I'm involved in our international students club. We have weekly meetings and we plan out different activities that we do. Another big event that we do as international students is we have this event, well, International Dinner night. Where different people from campus, as well as the Wayne is invited to come eat and enjoy the different traditions that we have.

Another thing is I work for NATS. I'm a customer service rep, as well as we go around campus, helping instructors and students fix their computers. If the computer is not working, if there is a network problem or anything, we try to help them. My favorite thing about Wayne State College is the small class size, which allows me to be in contact with my instructors at all times that I need, and in classes they walk around helping everybody with whatever questions they have. Also I like that it's affordable and I get to get quality education with an affordable price.