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Education and Counseling: One in 10 Nebraska teachers have a degree from Wayne State. Our education programs put you in the classroom as a freshman to shadow teachers. Our quality professors ensure you are ready to take on your first classroom when you graduate.

  • We have a wide variety of majors and endorsements. Learn more 
  • Perhaps counseling is your passion. Our unique program prepares students to work in a variety of helping and human service professions. Learn more 
  • Qualified Wayne State education majors can work as substitute teachers in area school districts. Explore the Northeast Nebraska Teachers Academy (NENTA) 

I was planning on going somewhere else for a different degree, but I just realized that I really loved kids and I wanted to be a teacher. And I knew that the best place to go for that would be Wayne.


So right away, as a freshman, I went to Battle Creek, and I shadowed a teacher there. And he actually worked with grades 7 through 12. So I got to see a lot of different subjects, which was really nice, because at that point I was debating whether or not I wanted to be a teacher. So it's nice that, right away as a freshmen, you get this opportunity to get into the classroom to see what it's like and to really know that this is something you want to do.

We have a program, NENTA, and that lets education majors be able to go and be substitute teachers for a day. They have to go through training and a few classes, but they're able to substitute-teach in a real classroom.

Wayne State has made my choice so much better because of the professors that I've learned so much from. They give you real-life experiences that they've gone through in their life. This is what they don't actually tell you, but it really happens, and it's good to be prepared like that.

And I love that we are put in the classroom so many hours before we actually student-teach and are graduated, and get our jobs, that we're just ready for it. We're not unprepared.