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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice: Join our fastest growing major for an excellent pathway to careers enforcing laws, pursuing justice, or working behind the scenes in an investigative lab. Careers in law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole, court services, asset protection, corporate and private security, and juvenile justice are more popular than ever.

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  • Are you a rural Nebraska resident interested in a career as a lawyer? The Rural Law Opportunities Program guarantees your slot at University of Nebraska College of Law after your studies at Wayne State. Learn more 

Criminal justice is one of the fastest growing majors at Wayne State, because it's just a wide variety of job opportunities that the criminal justice field or system can offer.


We have three organizations and clubs here on campus for criminal justice majors. One is the Criminal Justice Association. They do a lot with bringing in speakers to talk about what to be expecting in the field, and different things like that. Another one we have is Delta Upsilon. And we do crime scene competitions, physical agility competitions, writing competitions, firearm competitions, the list is endless for a Delta Epsilon. And then finally we have an honors society called Alpha Phi Sigma.

So the RLOP Program, or the Rural Law Opportunities Program, is kind of like the RHOP Program, but for law students. One of the best things about being in the RLOP Program is that as long as you maintain the requirements of the program and then score a 154 or higher on the LSAT, you are guaranteed a position in the UNL School of Law. When I heard about this, I was just amazed, because just the fact that I would have a guaranteed spot in a law school is just amazing.