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Business and Technology: Do you want a hands-on education in industrial technology or construction management? Are computer information systems and programming your passion? Are you interested in a career in business?  Our programs can help you take the next step.

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  • Students in the School of Business and Technology can expect to graduate with a modern, high-tech education. The school provides technologically savvy students with access to the most current and cutting-edge technology.

Well, when I started looking at colleges, I noticed that most of the colleges had computer science, but Wayne State was one of the few ones that had more than computer science. They actually had an excellent program with computer information systems networking.


Hello, I'm Andrew Duke. I'm majoring in computer information systems and computer science. Among the languages that we start out with are C++, then we move on to Java. And then after Java, you can go further into things like web design, HTML, and JavaScript. Within JavaScript, we have a really cool class called computer graphics. And in computer graphics, we get to dive into JavaScript using three.js, which is 3D rendering through the web browser. And it's a really cool process that we get to learn all about.

Hi, my name is Ashton Lindsay. I'm from Norfolk, Nebraska, and I'm majoring in business administration with a concentration in accounting and finance. There's a whole bunch of different concentrations within business administration. You can do human resource management, management, accounting, finance, agribusiness, marketing, international business, and office administration.

Hi, guys. I'm Jacob Henderson. I'm an industrial arts and education major here at Wayne State, and I'm from Ida Grove, Iowa. And the coolest thing about the program would be all the different technology you get to use in the in-class labs. And the faculty are really great to work with. They're always encouraging and trying to push you to be a better educator. If you don't know something, they're super easy to approach, and they're always willing to help you with the project.