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Music: Whether you are interested in majoring in music performance, music industry, music education, or just continuing to play your instrument and sing, Wayne State offers many opportunities.

The Music Education program is a 4 and 1/2 year program. You take your first four years. You'll take your lessons with your primary instructor, and you'll take lessons with your secondary instrument instructor. Or you'll take class in your instruments, if you're a field endorsement.

We also have the vocal only and instrumental only, and then in your last semester you still teach. Jobs available for persons majoring in music education would be a vocal teacher, a band teacher, general music, and you can give lessons in a private setting, or in an institutional setting.

The faculty is so extremely talented Like each one is just a genius. I didn't even know how much went behind music before I took some music classes. But they're just so intelligent and so talented, and they have faculty recitals, so we get to see their talent, which is amazing.

I just love being able to have the chance to perform myself. So they have like student recitals every week, which gives the students a chance to perform. I love going to concerts here. I love it, because they're just beautiful, every one.

There's percussion ones. There's band ones. There's choir ones. There's clarinet ones. Oboe ones. Like anything you can think of, there is a concert for it.