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Student Life: We offer more than 100 clubs and organizations dedicated to sports, academic pursuits, life and leisure, intercultural experiences, and fun and recreation.

Being on campus has been great for me because of all the people that I've met. It sounds super cliche, but I wouldn't have friends if I wouldn't have lived on campus my freshman year.


There are seven residence halls on campus. There's Bowen, Pile, Terrace, Morey, Anderson, Neihardt, Berry, and that's it. In each residence hall there are laundry rooms. There are game rooms. There are hangout rooms, study rooms, kitchens. Each room has two beds. You can bunk them, you can loft them. You can mix it up to however you and your roommate decide to do it.

There are over 100-plus clubs on campus, so there is something for everyone to do. There are intramurals. There are club sports. There are extra clubs, like Spanish club and the biology club, you can get involved in. There are planetarium shows you can go to, movie nights every Tuesday.

My favorite spot on campus is definitely a Starbucks in the library.

My favorite part about campus is probably the Willow Bowl. Its very beautiful. Its very serene, very peaceful.